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OtonaCon Board Game Convention is the premiere three day tabletop gaming event in the Kawarthas!  OtonaCon offers tabletop gamers all they can ask for in a three day gaming event.

Why would you want to come to OtonaCon?

The obvious response is that you love board games, of which OtonaCon has many.  We have a library of over 250 of the top 500 board games on BoardGameGeek that attendees can check out, learn, and play.  Within those games we have Eurogames, Ameristyle, Wargames, Party Games, Dexterity Games, and Card Games, so you’ll be able to find something that interests you at anytime of the day!

Maybe you want to buy new games for your collection or perhaps sell some games that you no longer play?  We will be having a vendor on site, available to sell all of the newest games to you!  If you don’t see it at their onsite store, but they have it in stock, we’ll get it delivered for you!  We also have a Bring and Buy Auction, where attendees can buy and sell their games to other attendees on the Saturday of the convention!  It is an extremely popular and successful event, often with over 150 games being available for sale!

Last year we had an amazing time with our Codenames tournament and this year we’re hoping to up the ante with two tournaments!  We have confirmed a 7 Wonders Duel tournament, sponsored by Canadian distributor ILO307, and are working with other local businesses on having another tournament!  Tournaments are a wonderful way to play great games with people you may not know, and therefore, make some new friends!

And, really, that one of the toughest things about coming to a convention, is finding people to game with.  What we have done at OtonaCon is created the Play Your Fave Gaming Project. Attendees are asked to teach and play their favourite games with other attendees at the convention.  Why do we do this?  We do this to encourage our attendees to meet other people at the convention, while sharing their favourite games, and form new bonds and friendships with people, while building the board gaming community.  The other method we use to encourage bringing people together is through our Play to Win Event.  Games are donated to OtonaCon for attendees to play. Anyone who plays the game gets a ticket for that game for a chance to win that game via a draw at our Saturday night ceremony.  Each game is taught by volunteers, and at other times available to attendees to play and earn their tickets for their chance to win!

Hopefully the above reasons whet your appetite to make the trip to Peterborough for a three day board gaming extravaganza!  While you are here, you can make a vacation of it and not spend all of your time gaming.  We have many amazing tourist spots within the city for you to visit!  Below is a short list of some of those amazing spots and some local restaurants.

Tourist locations:



Calendar of Events are outlined here.


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We would like to acknowledge and thank the following companies for sponsoring OtonaCon and making it an amazing event!Ilo307

If you would like to sponsor OtonaCon, please contact Greig Ashfield.


Registration: Registration passes are for the full weekend. Partial passes are not sold. Passes may not be shared. Registration passes are non-refundable.

Children: Attendees must be 14 years of age or older. Attendees aged 14-17 must have a responsible guardian present at all times.

Harassment: Harassment will not be tolerated. Anyone found to be harassing an attendee, vendor, staff, or anyone else at the convention will be expelled from the convention and their money will not be refunded.

Sportsmanship: Play to win, but having fun is the most important thing. Treat others with respect at all times.

Photos or Video: Please ask permission before including an attendee in a picture or video.


We will not share or sell any of your personal information.


We are very pleased to have Wood for Sheep at OtonaCon selling all of your favourite games! They will be onsite from noon on Friday, until 5:00pm on Sunday, ready to serve your needs.

Please note that you may place orders ahead of the convention from Wood for Sheep and get free shipping to OtonaCon, by choosing Pick Up and then writing OtonaCon in the notes.