About Us


Greig Ashfield is the Organizer of OtonaCon in Peterborough, Ontario. He has been in the gaming hobby for over ten years and is a part of a small team of gamers that have successfully run the CastleCon board gaming convention out of Oshawa, Ontario for the past five years, with many more planned.

Based on several conversations with friends in Peterborough, it was determined that Peterborough needed a boardgaming convention of its own.Due to Greig’s ongoing experience in running other successful gaming conventions, he is spearheading this year’s convention. While the con will start intimate, with fifty to seventy-five attendees expected, he hopes to grow the convention in the years to come.

Greig is married, has three children, and a dog. His favourite games include Caverna, Glass Road, Pandemic, Roads and Boats, Dominion, and social deduction games like Werewolf.