Tickets are now on sale for weekend passes to OtonaCon 2017, which takes place from June 2-4, 2017.  We do not currently sell day passes.  We will be selling no more than 100 tickets to OtonaCon, so please get your tickets early to ensure you’ll be there!

Early bird pricing of $40 continues until April 30, 2017.  On May 1, 2017 the price will increase to the regular rate of $50 per ticket. Registration passes are non-refundable. Registration passed may not be shared.
You are able to buy up to four tickets at a time.  When you buy your tickets please fill out the below information sheet listing all of the names of the people attending the con and an email contact.  Then click on the option below to buy one to four tickets through PayPal.


Submit your form with the email address that corresponds to the PayPal payment, or note that address in the “Payment Notes” section. This will make it easy for us to verify payment and the number of attendees. Currently our verification process is done manually so you will receive a confirmation email for your registration within the week.

After submitting your form please select the corresponding button to the number of attendees filled out above to make your payment. Thanks!

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